Student Health Services

  • Health Services in partnership with Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center. Your school nurse is a registered nurse who is present to strengthen, facilitate and enhance the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of children.

  • Elementary Health Offices

    School Nurse: Lindsay Klemczak, RN
    Contact: 574-254-3902

    School Nurse: Jennifer Taets, RN
    Contact: 574-254-4702

    School Nurse: Kelly Schroeder, RN
    Contact: 574-254-4602

    School Nurse: Lisa Watkins, RN
    Contact: 574-254-3802

    School Nurse: Ann Snyder, BSN, RN
    Contact: 574-254-4802

    School Nurse: Kellie DeVlaminck, RN
    Contact: 574-254-3702

    Twin Branch
    School Nurse: Cindy Fumarolo, RN
    Contact: 574-254-3502

    Secondary Health Offices

    John Young Middle School
    School Nurse: Kathy Hurst, RN
    Contact: 574-254-3602

    Mishawaka High School
    School Nurse: Jeff Bryant, RN
    Contact: 574-254-7302

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School Nurse News

  • Health Services in Partnership with Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center
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