6th Grade Entrance Requirements

  • These state mandated immunization requirements for all incoming 6th graders must be met before your child can attend 6th grade in the fall:

    • 3 Hep B
    • 2 Hep A (a series of two separated by 6 months)*
    • 2 Varicella
    • 5 DTaP
    • 1 Tdap (Tetanus & Pertussis)*
    • 4 Polio 
    • 1 MCV4 (Meningococcal conjugate)*
    • 2 MMR

    *Note: Some physicians will not give the doses until the child has reached their 11th birthday, so please check when you make your appointment.

    Immunization Recommendations:

    • Annual influenza
    • 2/3 HPV (Human papillomavirus)
    • COVID-19

    Additional Suggestions and Information:

    • We suggest you make appointments now to get the needed immunizations while your child is still in 5th grade. The local health departments and area physicians are extremely busy in the summer and at the beginning of the school year. 
    • When you submit documentation on time, you prevent interruption to the start of your child’s school year.
    • Please turn in the immunization paperwork before the first day of school.

    Thank you for working with us to keep your children healthy!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your health office.