As flu and cold season arrives here are a few reminders:


  • Please be aware that medication must be brought to school in the original container. This includes cough drops. Medication that is brought in envelopes, zip lock bags, or student pockets can not be dispensed at school!

  • All medication is to be stored in the health office in a locked area. There are some instances where a physician will state that it is detrimental to a child’s health if they do not carry the medication on them. (specifically inhalers) In these instances, proper medication self-administration forms must be signed by the parent and the physician and be on file in the health office. You can obtain these forms from any school health office.

  • Proper authorization to administer medication forms must be filled out by a parent for over-the-counter medication to be dispensed. Over-the-counter medication cannot be given for longer than the medication label specifies without a physician order. Most over- the-counter medications say 5-7 days.   If a medication is given for several days in a row it is no longer considered a medication for an as needed basis, but rather it becomes a maintenance medication that requires physician authorization. (Example: Tylenol cannot be given for several days in a row unless there is a physician order on file). Although many over the counter medications are very safe to take for short periods of time, they can be detrimental to your child’s health if taken too frequently. We are looking out for the health of your child.

  • If your child requires a short term medication during the school year for a sudden illness such as a cold, cough, or stomach virus (sinus meds, cough meds, cough drops etc.) we will dispense that medication for 7 days in a row or according to the label directions with only the parent signature medication form. If the illness lasts longer than 7 days and medication will still be needed, a physician’s order will be required.

Healthy Habits to Prevent Illness…

  • Frequent hand washing has been proven to help prevent the spread of colds and flu
  • Keep hands away from face
  • Cough into shoulder or elbow, not hands
  • Use disinfectant on common surfaces
  • Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water daily
  • Eat a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise
  • Adequate sleep nightly

Please feel free to call the school and ask to speak to the school nurse or health aide for any questions regarding medications.