Future Cavemen - Winter Sports

  • Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Caveman? If you are interested in finding out, you’ll have the opportunity to experience select Mishawaka High School winter sports events. So plan to come, have fun, and cheer on the Cavemen!


    1. Each elementary school is invited to attend the games on the scheduled night as a Future Caveman. (See schedule below.)
    2. Bring this completed form to the Commons. NOTE: The Commons area is located by the West gym.
    3. Wear your Future Cavemen shirt. If you do not have a Future Cavemen shirt, they will be available at each event.
    4. You must arrive at least a half hour before the game start time to participate in the activities.
    5. You and your family will be able to enter the game for $1.00 each. NOTE: You still need to pay $1.00 even with a game pass. (Students must attend the game with a parent/guardian.)
    6. During the game Future Cavemen will be: seated together, announced as the Future Cavemen of the night, and provided exclusive opportunities to interact with our Cavemen teams!


    • Wrestling
      November 30, 2021
      6:45 PM

    • Girls & Boys Varsity Basketball
      December 3, 2021
      6:00 PM

    • Girls & Boys Swim
      December 16, 2021
      5:00 PM

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