Elementary Athletics

  • Welcome to Elementary Athletics!
    The goal of Mishawaka Athletics is to give your child a first class experience so they can see what it’s like to play on a team and represent their school. We give young student athletes the chance to compete with kids from other Mishawaka Schools while they learn from coaches and referees. This is the time to learn how to be a good sport and most of all have fun! Our coaches understand that a positive experience is the goal and we don’t want to discourage anyone from participating in the future.

    At Mishawaka, we promote multi-sport student athletes. It’s important that “student” comes first in that equation. Playing sports is a privilege that comes with doing the right things in the classroom and at home. You should be proud that your student athlete is representing one of our Mishawaka schools. Please keep in mind when they are competing, they are playing against other Future Cavemen. The “Cavemen4Cavemen” thought process should come into play as we are all one Mishawaka!

    2024 Elementary Track Schedule
    NOTE: All meets will be at John Young Middle School.

    • Practice begins April 15
    • Meets (all elementary schools):
      • May 1 @ 5:30 PM
      • May 15 @ 5:30 PM
      • May 22 @ 5:30 PM - All City Championship

    Athletic Code
    Mishawaka Elementary schools are great schools. The main purpose for athletics at the elementary level is to help the child develop physically through exercise, teach the fundamentals of the sport, and develop a proper attitude toward team play. From elementary to John Young Middle School to Mishawaka High School, we are one Mishawaka representing our community. We are taking precautions to make our sports programs safe and wholesome. However, in case of an accident, the parent assumes the responsibility. In accordance with the purpose and spirit of the Mishawaka elementary athletic program, a child’s parent or guardian must give their permission for their child to play. A student who represents their individual school needs to consider several things; first, all those participating in sports are called student athletes. That is to say they are students first and athletes second. At the same time by signing this form, the parent understands that their child may be placed on probation or removed from the team for violating the Elementary Athletic Code and specific school rules and regulations. The goal is to uphold individual school tradition in a positive way. As a representative of your school, an athlete must:

    • Have passing grades in all subjects
    • Have a good attendance record both at school and practice
    • Display sportsmanship during the school day, at practice, and at each athletic event.

    Volunteer Expectations
    As with any activity that our students participate in we need adult participation. We are asking parents to work one game in any of the following areas: assist the coach (keep scorebook/line judge during games), sell concessions, run scoreboard, take money at the door for the game. Please fill out the MPG Volunteer Form included with this packet and a MPG sports coordinator will get in touch with you to schedule. It is a School City of Mishawaka policy that all volunteers must have a current criminal background check on file. This is free and we have included a form for you to fill out.

    Mandatory Athletic Participation Fees
    The Board of School Trustees has approved a mandatory athletic participation fee for all elementary school athletes of $20.00 per sport. The revenue generated from the payment of these student athletic participation fees will be used to offset the cost of supplies/uniforms associated with the operation of Mishawaka Schools’ athletic programs. Parents/guardians must make arrangements with the student athlete’s coach to pay this fee before the student athlete will be eligible to participate in practice and/or games.