School Calendars

  • The School Board approved school calendars for the next two school years on January 27, 2021. Going forward, a recommendation will be made annually for a school calendar that is two years away.

    This process was started by recognizing that it is impossible to create a school calendar that works for all staff and families within a school community. However, it was started with some basic guidelines:

    • The number of days provided in each semester of the school year needs to be as balanced as possible in regards to the number of days.
    • Teachers need time to prepare for the start of the school year.

    Both of these calendar options begin much like this school year did:

    • There are 2 days provided for teachers prior to the start of the school year.
    • The first day for teachers is the second Monday in August.
    • The first student day will be the second Wednesday of August.

    One small difference in these calendars from our current school year is moving Parent Teacher Conferences to Wednesday instead of Thursday. We do not want to encourage students and families to miss Parent Teacher Conferences by putting it up against the fall break.

    Both of these calendars provide an eLearning day for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

    • This adds an instructional day to the first semester, which provides for a better balance between semesters.
    • It will be a self-directed eLearning day. Teachers will not report to schools but will be expected to check-in with students at different times throughout the day.
    • All teachers will report to their respective schools on all other planned eLearning days.

    Both of these calendars allow for a 6-day spring break and for school to be out prior to Memorial Day.

    The biggest difference between the calendar options provided is in the area of fall break.

    • Both of these calendars provide for a 1-week fall break.
    • We need to build in dedicated breaks during the school year for the mental health benefits of everyone involved.
    • It is typically less expensive to travel in the fall than it is in the spring.
    • This shift may be difficult for some initially but can become a much appreciated week very quickly.

District Calendar