• The School City of Mishawaka (SCM) web filter provides a Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant filter on the Chromebook year round, in and out of school. When Chromebooks are off campus, parents/guardians can take an active role in making their children 21st century digital citizens by setting time access controls on Chromebooks for streaming content, Youtube, gaming, social networking and more. The Parent Dashboard allows parents/guardians to take an active role in monitoring their child’s school Chromebook and  enforcing bedtime.

    Below are instructions on how parents/guardians can set parental controls by creating a Blocksi account, access time controls, view their child’s web history, and set up an automatic weekly report to their email.


    1. Open a web browser and go to

    2. Click sign in with Google OR Register here to create an account

    3. Enter the parent email address on file with the school

    4. Enter the student’s school email address

    5. All students associated to the parent’s email address in Skyward will automatically connect, only one student email is needed

    creating parent account sample


    1. Login at

    2. Click access time control

    3. Enter a name for your filter

    4. Click create access time control

    5. Click pencil

    6. Select the category you would like to restrict access times
      category breakdown

    7. Click and drag across days and times to block those times – all times are based on the 24-hour clock
      sample of block times

    8. Click Save to save the changes


    1. Login at

    2. Click insights

    3. The default view shows the last 24 hours of use
      Click on default view to change the time frame shown

    4. Click analytics to select YouTube Analytics or to view the logs of all websites visited


    1. Login at

    2. Click reports

    3. Toggle the switch to have automatic weekly reports emailed to you
      toggle switch