2019-2020 School Textbook Fees

  • School City of Mishawaka continues its efforts to contain curricular materials fees. We have conducted a thorough audit at all grade levels to remove as many paid licensing materials as possible and replace them with high quality Open Educational Resources. The average fee assessments proposed for 2019-2020 reflect our efforts to keep fees reasonably contained.  

    Grades K-6 fees reflect the new literacy adoption of the HMH materials Into Reading. In order to minimize the impact of the literacy purchases on student fees we have reduced the fees in other subject areas and removed the fees for some supplemental purchases, resulting in increases of less than $15.00, with most being under $10.00 at each grade level.  

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    Grades 7 and 8 are dependent on the specific courses students are enrolled in but the average course fees at these grade levels will remain status quo. We have reduced the fees in Science and Math to reflect the use of shared classroom sets of curricular materials in order to offset the cost of the new HMH Into Literature materials for ELA.  

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     MHS FEES:
    Students in Grades 9-12 student fees are dependent on the specific courses in which a student enrolls. There are no new curricular adoptions in MHS courses for the 2019-20 school year.

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