Customer Experience

  • Every interaction of every SCM stakeholder is an opportunity to serve and build trust on behalf of our school community. Modeling empathy and service shows our public how we choose to treat each other.

  • Anita Hosinski
    World Language Teacher
    Mishawaka High School

    Ashley Litwin
    Assistant Principal
    John Young Middle School

    Brianna Reshan
    4th Grade Teacher
    Hums Elementary School

    Danielle Bonk
    Secretary – Pupil Services Office
    Mishawaka High School

    Erica Peebles and Kalin Willard
    Secretary (Erica) and Recess/Office Aide (Kalin)
    Emmons Elementary School

    Heather Heston
    English Teacher
    John Young Middle School

    Jim Flatt
    Mishawaka High School

    Juan Acosta
    Grounds Maintenance
    Administration Center/Services Building

    Kylie Murphy
    Industrial Technology Teacher
    Mishawaka High School
    Kylie also received a nomination for Growth Mindset

    Leroy James
    Mishawaka High School

  • Lindsey Beckham
    LaSalle Elementary School
    Lindsey received 3 nominations for Customer Experience

    Lisa Thompson
    Cafeteria Manager
    LaSalle Elementary School

    MHS Food Service Staff  (Donna Morrow-Manager, Gail Lyvers, Trudy Lietzan, Jenny Williams, Corrine Taylor, Marsha Hamilton, Zoe Arrowsmith, Robin Waite, Amanda Kuzmicz, Alex Dalgliesh, Lori Bloodgood, LeAnna Tomlinson, Toni Desimone)
    Food Service Staff
    Mishawaka High School
    The MHS Food Service Staff received 2 nominations for Customer Exerience and a nomination for Collaboration

    Rebecca Cummings
    Liberty Elementary School
    Rebecca also received nominations for Building Community, Critical Thinking and Integrity

    School Nurses and Building Secretaries
    (NURSES: Lindsay Klemczak, RN – Battell; Jennifer Taets, RN – Beiger; Victoria Barhydt, RN – Emmons; Lisa Watkins, RN – Hums; Ann Snyder, RN – LaSalle; Kellie DeVlaminck, RN – Liberty; Cindy Fumarolo, RN – Twin Branch; Kathy Hurst RN – JYMS; and Jeff Bryant RN – MHS)
    (SECRETARIES: Paige Fish – Battell; Kim Stokes – Beiger; Erica Peebles – Emmons; Cathy Greetis – Hums; Lindsey Beckham – LaSalle; Shelly Murphy – Liberty; Bev Anglin – Twin Branch; Kelly Kinsces, Jennifer Addison, Norma Bauernfeind – JYMS; April Hathaway, Danielle Bonk, Erin Czyz, Sue Escher, Kathy Heckaman, Wendy McNeely – MHS)
    All Schools

    SCM School Social Workers (Lynn Acosta – Battell; Kris Ermeti – Beiger and District; Rose Clark – Emmons; Avonne Dainton – LaSalle; Michele Hadary – Liberty; Emma Thurston – Hums, Twin Branch & District; Gayla Konanz – JYMS & MHS; Blake Ward, Social Worker Assistant – JYMS & MHS)
    Social Workers
    All Schools

    Wade Buchs
    Curriculum Integration Specialist
    Administration Center