Building Community

  • Positively contributing to the community by practicing behaviors that grow trust, involvement, identity and ownership. Understanding that solid foundations are constructed of “bricks” and “mortar.”  If you are not in the role of leader, be the best follower you can be.

  • Emmons Building Subs
    (Connie Earnhart, Erica Peebles, Kaileigh Lyvers)
    Emmons Elementary Schoolk

    Erica Weaver-Creed
    Technology Assistant
    LaSalle Elementary School
    Erica also received a nomination for Collaboration

    Janie Ewald
    Liberty Elementary School

    Kate Fulnecky
    4th Grade Teacher
    LaSalle Elementary School

    Kristin Harges
    Exceptional Learners Supervisor
    Administration Center

  • Lindsey Beckham
    LaSalle Elementary School
    Lindsey also received nominations for Communication & Customer Experience

    MHS Exceptional Learners
    Teachers: Sheila Clements, Pete Essig, Jennifer Grimm, Marcia Haslett, Jennifer Mammolenti, Patti Reppert, Traci Starkweather, and Jennifer Taylor
    Program Assistants: Aubrey Acrey, Cheryl Beehler, Helen Fisher, Kathryn Hartley, Betty Karkiewicz, Kylie Murphy, Claudia Weimer, and Rhonda Whitledge
    Mishawaka High School

    Michelle Hadary
    Social Worker
    Liberty Elementary School

    Nick Kaczynski
    Physical Education Teacher
    Liberty Elementary School

  • Norma Bauernfeind
    John Young Middle School
    Norma also received a nomination for Customer Experience

    Rachel Zavala
    World Language Teacher
    John Young Middle School
    Rachel also received a nomination for Communication

    Ronnie White
    Hall Monitor
    John Young Middle School

    Wade Buchs
    Curriculum Integration Specialist
    Administration Center
    Wade also received nominations for Communication