Critical Thinking

  • SCM encourages students, teachers, parents, staff, and community members to think deeply about the daily practices of our school district and long term significance of a quality public education. Respectfully questioning the work of our peers, colleagues, leaders, or representatives is a sign of vigilance and concern. Critical thinking facilitates a high-performing workplace and, ultimately, a free society.

  • Alex Newman
    Chief Financial Officer & Director of Business
    Administration Center

    Amanda Hoke
    4th Grade Teacher
    Liberty Elementary School

  • Dawn Barber
    3rd Grade Teacher
    Battell Elementary School

    Liberty Virtual Teachers
    (Ashlee Cavanaugh – Kindergarten, Charity Guldburg – 1st Grade, Jill Snyder – 2nd Grade, Anne Aitchison – 3rd Grade, Melanie Bitner – 6th Grade, and Nicole Parish – 6th Grade)
    Liberty Elementary School