Growth Mindset

  • Knowing that you can always learn and improve. A learning organization celebrates perseverance, resilience, and incremental progress toward ambitious goals. Nurturing the confidence to take a “Good Risk” and learning from failure, rather than denying it.

  • Amanda Hoke
    4th Grade Teacher
    Liberty Elementary School

    Charity Guldberg
    1st Grade Teacher
    Liberty Elementary School

    Dean Huppert
    Athletic Director
    Mishawaka High School

    Emmons Elementary Literacy Aides
    (Chandra Hartley, Amanda Taylor, Maria Peacock)
    Emmons Elementary School

    Gregg Smith
    Leader Intern
    John Young Middle School

    Holly Colburn
    Exceptional Learners Teacher
    Hums Elementary School

    Kyle Marsh
    Engineering & Technology Teacher
    Mishawaka High School

  • Liberty's Virtual Teachers
    (Ashlee Cavanaugh - Kindergarten, Charity Guldberg – 1st Grade, Jill Snyder – 2nd Grade, Anne Aitchison – 3rd Grade, Melanie Bitner – 6th Grade, and Nicole Parish – 6th Grade)
    Liberty Elementary School

    Paul Peebles
    Instructional Assistant
    Mishawaka High School

    Virtual Elementary Teachers
    (Kindergarten – Ashlee Cavanaugh & Kalyn Stegink, 1st Grade – Charity Guldberg & Chelsea Slosser, 1st/2nd Grade – Heather Bumbaca, 2nd Grade – Jill Snyder & Shelly Sparrow, 3rd Grade – Anne Aitchison & Amanda Glon, 3rd/4th Grade – Stephanie Johnson, 4th Grade – Alaina Zannino, Ryan Mitchell & Nicole Katlun, 5th Grade – Clare Johnson & Sandu Harrell, 6th Grade – Angelina Lazovich, Courteney Ebert, Chase Gervais, Melanie Bitner & Nicole Parish)
    All Elementary Schools
    Virtual Elementary Teachers also received a nomination for Innovation

    Virtual Teachers at Beiger
    (Amanda Glon – 3rd Grade, Angelina Lazovich – 6th Grade, Clare Johnson – 5th Grade, Nicole Katlun – 4th Grade, and Courtney Ebert – 6th Grade)
    Beiger Elementary School