Awards & Recognition Programs

  • Celebrating Excellence Throughout School City of Mishawaka!
    School City of Mishawaka's on-going success is attributed to the collaborative efforts of employees, volunteers, school partners and our students. We are proud to honor them throughout the year by virtue of several recognition programs.

    • Teacher of the Year:  Announcement of our Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year.

    • The Mishawaka Way Exemplars: Thank you to all SCM staff who took the time to recognize and honor your colleagues for the difference they make every day at School City of Mishawaka. Take a few minutes to look through the categories to see all of the Exemplars and nominees.

    • People's Choice Award: This is an opportunity for all SCM staff to nominate a colleague for the People's Choice Award. All School City of Mishawaka staff vote (based on the nominations) on who will receive the Annual People's Choice Award.

    • Retirees: Honoring all of our retirees and the legacy they have left at School City of Mishawaka.

    • Service Awards: Recognizing all of our SCM employees who have given so much of their time to the students, staff and community of Mishawaka.

    • #JobWellDone: Celebrating outstanding staff that go above and beyond every day.