• Working together for the good of the group, organization, or community. Great things happen when no one cares who gets the credit. Valuing everyone's talents makes the total effect of our contributions greater than the sum of our efforts.

  • 500 Hall Teachers
    (Beth Schwitz, Brian Zbrzezny, Casidhe Vandall, Susie Krizmanich, Aileen Mattimore, Sabrina Rivera)
    John Young Middle School

    April Fisher & Nicole Persyn
    5th Grade Teacher (April) & 6th Grade Teacher (Nicole)
    Liberty Elementary School

    Elementary Specials Teachers
    Music: Dean Swihart (Hums & Twin Branch), Carrie Hartley (Beiger & Emmons), Liz Konwinski (Battell & LaSalle), and Lisa Koester (Emmons & Liberty)
    Art: Laura McElligott (Battell, Beiger, & LaSalle), Nicole Rininger (Emmons, Hums & Twin Branch), and Jennifer Posey (Liberty & Twin Branch)
    Physical Education: Jim Aldrich (Battell), Erin Richards (Beiger), Ken Litwiller (Emmons), Chad Roggeman (Hums), Paula Meersman (LaSalle), Nick Kaczynski (Liberty), and Steve Hickman (Twin Branch)
    Media Clerks: Emily Newland (Battell), Jennifer Violi (Beiger), Ashleigh Dodd (Emmons), Shawn Loutzenhiser (Hums), Pat Feyos (LaSalle), Erin McClain (Liberty), and Jenny Britt (Twin Branch)
    All Elementary Schools


  • Emmons Food Service Staff
    (Ronna Vanator, Rose Thompson, Alexandra Dalgliesh, Katie Roth, and Trent Simpson)
    Emmons Elementary School
    Emmons Food Service Staff also received a nomination for Customer Experience

    Erica Weaver-Creed
    Technology Assistant
    LaSalle Elementary School
    Erica also received a nomination for Building Community

    Holly Sharp
    Administration Center
    Holly received 2 nominations for Collaboration

    Hums Food Service Staff
    (Mary Jo Baker, Cheryl Loar, Deana Ebling, Amy Hupp, and Harriet (Eileen) Davis)
    Hums Elementary School

    Jackie Miller
    2nd Grade Teacher
    Emmons Elementary School
    Jackie also received a nomination for Communication

    Jennifer Addison
    John Young Middle School

    Kali Hilliard
    4th Grade Teacher
    Liberty Elementary School


  • Kelly Kincses, Jennifer Addison, Norma Bauernfeind
    John Young Middle School

    Lana Milewski
    Technology Assistant
    Twin Branch Elementary School

    Leroy James
    Mishawaka High School
    Leroy also received a nomination for Integrity

    Liberty Food Service Staff
    (Wendy Melton, Tammi Rose, Amanda Kuzmicz, Rebecca McLaughlin and Kim Morgan)
    Liberty Elementary School
    Liberty Food Service Staff also received nominations for Customer Experience

    Lisa Masiku, Nicole Persyn, Amanda Stephens
    6th Grade Teachers
    Liberty Elementary School

    Lisa Peterson
    Cafeteria/Office/Recess Aide
    Battell Elementary School

    Marissa Kearby
    Exceptional Learners Teacher
    LaSalle Elementary School

    SCM Maintenance Team
    (Rick Davis, Leonard Taylor, Brian Campbell, Justin Smith, Steve Johnson, and Mike Baker)
    Administration Center/Services Building

    Tina Riley
    1st Grade Teacher
    Hums Elementary School