Built-Up Sand Capped Athletic Field System

  • Mishawaka High School’s football field is constructed of native soil. During periods of heavy rainfall this causes failure to adequately drain surplus water. Saturated field conditions substantially reduce soil cohesion and adversely affect traction and stability. Because of the compacted soil, water does not drain adequately and usually by the third or fourth games of the season, the field conditions are quite deteriorated. After consulting experts, it was determined that the built up sand-capped solution would solve this issue.

    Hydro Seed is making significant progress on the football field...process-trench, tile, gravel, USGA Grade Sand.


  • Timeline Icon

    • Project should conclude week of March 28, 2017.

    • Top-dress fertilizing, sand, seed will be done April 10, 2017.

    • After that will be general turf management (i.e.: frequency of irrigation, mowing etc.)

    • CRUCIAL AND VERY IMPORTANT: We need to keep everyone off the field until further notice! (It will be roped off.)

    • NOTE: Due to this project as well as the track/light project, commencement will be held inside the east gymnasium, rain or shine.


  • Funding Icon
    This project is being funded by:

    • Sale of Hums Park to the City of Mishawaka

    • Rosie Klaer Estate

    • NOTE: No referenda funds are being used for this project