Traffic Safety Project

    The MHS Traffic Safety Project is a series of phases to expand and renovate the current MHS parking lots. The improved traffic flow is designed for easier and quicker drop-off/pick-up plus achieving the main goal of safety for students and visitors. The design allows for walking into the building without having to walk in front of traffic or crossing a street to get to the parking lot.

    The map below highlights the different phases of the MHS Traffic Safety Plan

    map of mhs traffic safety plan phases  

    These are areas that will have an impact on current traffic flow, parking, and drop-off/pick-up

    • West parking lot is fenced off and has construction access only.
    • Wenger Avenue and south parking lot is fenced off and has construction access only.
    • Parking for MHS is on the north side by Alumni Plaza.

    The following areas are currently under construction and making quick progress:

    • Phase 2:
      • Landscaping work is ongoing.
      • Estimated Phase 2 completion June 2020.

    • Phase 3:
      • Landscaping and irrigation is ongoing.
      • NOTE: Residents on Indiana Avenue are parking in this lot due to the city project.
    • Phase 4:
      • Estimated at 95% complete.
      • Estimated completion June 2020.

    • Phase 5:
      • House demolition is ongoing and estimated to be completed by June 26, 2020.

    • Phases 6:
      • Concrete sidewalk still ongoing.
      • Door L entrance masonry and stairway work to begin week of June 29, 2020.

    • Phase 7:
      • Curb, HMA and sidewalk estimated at 90% complete.
      • Topsoil and landscaping to begin July 2020.
      • Estimated Phase 7 completion in July 2020.

    • Phases 8 & 9:
      • Courtyard work is ongoing.
        NOTE: Work stopped to allow for tree removals and resetting of stone steps.
      • Lincolnway curb concrete work to begin June 29, 2020.
      • Expected completetion by July 24, 2020.
    The following areas have been completed so the next part of the phases can begin:

    PHASE 1:

    • Completed in March, 2020
    • Demolition of two homes on Indiana Avenue
    • Area backfilled and graded

    PHASE 2:

    • Demolition of north staff parking lot completed
    • Piping and structures installed, including connection of two roof drain lines to new system
    • Storm sewer system installed
    • Sidewalk and curb completed
    • Curb and HMA intermediate completed
    • Irrigation work completed

    PHASE 3:

    • Area stripped of topsoil and graded
    • Piping and structures intalled
    • HMA intermediate course completed
    • Curb and aggregate completed

    PHASE 4:

    • Demolition of old sidewalks completed
    • Curbing between entrances E, F and G are placed
    • Drop-off lane graveled and paved with base and intermediate HMA
    • Stadium sidewalk completed
    • Irrigation completed

    PHASE 6:

    • Demolition of curbing and sidewalks completed
    • Pavement milling completed
    • Perimeter fencing installed
    • HMA intermediate course completed
    • Curb completed

    PHASE 7:

    • Demolition of curbing and sidewalks complete
    • Aggregate base completed
    • Storm sewer work completed