Honors Programs - Middle School

  • The JYMS Honors Program is designed to offer academic challenges beyond those required by the Indiana Academic Standards to highly capable seventh and eighth grade students. These courses will ask students to learn and understand the grade level standards, as well as use their reading, writing, and speaking skills to demonstrate a higher level of goal attainment. If accepted into any honors class, you are accepting these responsibilities and expectations.

    Expectations and Responsibilities of JYMS Honors Students

      • Reading: Complex text will be used in classes that will be above grade level.  An Honors Student needs to be ready to be challenged as a reader and a critical and creative thinker.
      • Writing: Writing is thinking.  Expect to frequently communicate your thinking and learning.  A student in Honors Classes needs to be ready to communicate his/her thinking and learning capably, often exceeding the expectation for the grade level.
      • Speaking: Speaking in front of a variety of audiences to communicate what you are learning is common practice for Honors Students.  
      • Collaboration: An Honors Student will think, learn, and work with other students.  Students must be prepared to support their own learning and that of their peers.
      • GRIT: Honors Students will be challenged as thinkers and learners.  A student in Honors Classes needs to be a self-starter and have the grit to persevere when challenged.
      • Project Based Learning: Students should be prepared to complete Research Based Projects using both class time and time outside of the classroom.
      • Growth Mindset: Students should understand that failure is a learning opportunity and no matter what their level, learning can be achieved. 

    Admission Process

    A committee of teachers, principals, and district administrators carefully examine achievement (iReady, HMH, ILEARN), aptitude (CogAT) scores, and learning profiles. Through this process, 6th grade students are identified as having the ability to be accelerated in their learning through the JYMS Honors Program. If your child did not attend a School City of Mishawaka elementary school, but will be attending JYMS and believe this is an appropriate program for your child please call the school at 574-254-3600.

    This program is not for every student. All JYMS students will have the ability to grow and enjoy a wide range of academic opportunities offered throughout the school year.