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    What is ACP
    Benefits of ACP
    Admission Standards
    Tuition Schedule for ACP Courses

    What is ACP

    The Advance College Project (ACP) is a partnership between Indiana University and participating high schools within the states of Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. ACP offers college credit to qualified high school seniors (and some juniors) who enroll in IU general education courses that are offered at their local high schools during the regular school day and taught by certified high school teachers who hold adjunct lecturer status with Indiana University. ACP courses are administered from the IU Bloomington campus, as well as IU East, IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, IU South Bend and IU Southeast.

    ACP began in 1982-83 with six Indiana high schools, enrolling 269 students, and offering chemistry, math, and English composition courses. Today, ACP operates in more than 100+ high schools across Indiana and in Michigan and Ohio and works with more than 350+ instructors who teach ACP courses to well over 4,000 students earning more than 30,000 IU credit hours. Student response to ACP coursework demonstrates that the ACP experience is beneficial. As new schools are brought into ACP, educational opportunities for college-bound high school students expand.

    ACP is for high school students, generally juniors and seniors, who have adequate preparation and the desire for more advanced work. Through its course offerings, ACP provides an opportunity for high school students to begin college work while in high school. ACP is not a gifted and talented program. ACP courses are actual college courses intended to allow a wide range of students to engage in college-level work for college credit. ACP courses are designed for students with a solid academic foundation, interests that can be furthered by acquiring college credit prior to high school graduation, and a serious commitment to completing the ACP course successfully.

    ACP courses provide both high school and college credit (concurrent enrollment) and, therefore, allow students to fulfill requirements for high school graduation and requirements for college admission while beginning a college transcript. The same general standards that apply for admission to Indiana University apply to students seeking to enroll in ACP courses. However, student participation in ACP courses does not constitute admission to IU.

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    Benefits of ACP

    The Advance College Project (ACP) offers many benefits to students, teachers, and high schools, creating a winning situation for all involved.
    Benefits for Students:
    • Earn dual high school and college credits while still in high school and possibly shorten time for college graduation
    • Participate in an enriched and challenging curriculum that reduces the duplication between the last years of high school and the first years of college
    • Receive more individualized instruction than might be possible in college from teachers who are selected and trained by IU department faculty
    • Experience college-level expectations through ongoing evaluation that validates equivalency and comparability to college courses using college texts
    • Improve abilities and skills to do college work for credit and gain confidence that derives from success in the college-level course
    • Pay less for credit hours than regular IU students

    Benefits for Teachers:
    • Develop professional relationships and share ideas and techniques with other ACP teachers and faculty coordinators
    • Attend the summer seminar (for new ACP teachers) paid for by the ACP program
    • Receive professional development opportunities through IU, such as the annual review seminars and computer-assisted models (like CALM in chemistry and similar programs in math and physics)
    • Receive allowance from ACP to purchase books and materials that would assist in teaching the IU course
    • Have access to IU facilities including the libraries, labs, media resources, and recreation centers (membership fee required)

    Benefits for Participating High Schools:
    • Improve curriculum coordination between the high school and the colleges
    • Satisfy parent and student demand for on-site, high-quality, advanced courses
    • Give qualified secondary teachers an opportunity to offer college courses
    • Partner with an outstanding research and teaching university
    • Receive assistance from ACP with meeting state education guidelines
    • Respond to community and statewide educational needs

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    Admission Standards

    High school seniors and some juniors who have a solid academic preparation and a desire for more advanced work are good candidates for Advance College Project (ACP) classes. The basic premise of ACP is to provide an opportunity for high school students to succeed in college course work.
    ACP students, at a minimum:
    • Should be on track toward fulfilling the basic academic preparation for admission to a four-year college or university;
    • Have a GPA of 2.70 or higher on a 4.00-point scale (as evidenced by a college preparatory curriculum and advanced coursework);
    • Have appropriate high school endorsements from teachers and guidance counselors.

    Further, acceptance to take an ACP course does not guarantee admission to IU. To achieve regular admission to IU, students must apply through the Office of Admissions at the selected campus.
    These are minimum standards for admission to the ACP program. Fulfilling these minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance to take an ACP course; some high schools may require additional academic criteria for prospective ACP students. Each high school decides, based upon the number of students interested in ACP and scheduling limitations, the number of course sections and when each course will be offered. Check with your school
    guidance counselor for information about other requirements specific to your high school.

    Tuition Schedule for ACP Courses

    ACP Works to maintain a reasonable fee structure for high school students that is less than the standard rate for students on campus. The ACP fee is $25.00 per credit hour. The fee statement from the office of the Bursar includes no additional fees, such as technology fees or health fees. The following fees have been approved by the IU Board of Trustees.

ACP Course Tuition Schedule

3 Credit Hour ACP Courses
(Fee: $75.00)

American History I (H105) American History II (H106) Introduction to American Politics (Y103)
Biological Mechanisms (L112) Introduction to Business (W100) Brief Summary of Calculus (M119
Composition (W131) Earth Sciences: Materials and Processes (G103) Principles & Applications of Environmental Science (E100)
Second Year French I (F200 (F203)) Second Year French II (F250 (F204)) Intermediate German I (G200)
Second Year German II (G250) Human Biology (P130) Literary Interpretation (L202)
Introduction to Macroeconomics (E202 (E104)) Introduction to Microeconomics (E201 (E103)) Finite Mathematics (M118)
Personal Finance (F260) Introduction to Psychology I (P101) Introduction to Psychology II (P102)
Public Speaking (C121) Introduction to Sociology (S100) Second Year Spanish I (S200 (S203))
Second Year Spanish (S250 (S204))    

4 Credit Hours ACP Courses
(Fee: $100.00)
American History I (H105) American History II (H106)

5 Credit Hour ACP Courses
(Fee: $125.00)
Introduction to American Politics (Y103) Biological Mechanisms (L112) Introduction to Business (W100)
Brief Summary of Calculus (M119 Composition (W131) Earth Sciences: Materials and Processes (G103)
Principles & Applications of Environmental Science (E100)