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    There is an understanding that education as we know it will be changed tremendously in numerous unprecedented ways. We recognize there are immense challenges but in these times of uncertainty, School City of Mishawaka (SCM) remains committed to prioritizing: 

    • HEALTHY STUDENTS & STAFF: Providing ongoing education and support services to address the immediate and long-term considerations on the social and emotional wellbeing of students and staff.

    • HEALTHY CLASSROOMS: Implementing safety protocols and preventative health measures that accommodate a range of reopening scenarios and contingency plans while offering multiple educational opportunities that remediate, accelerate, and enrich learning.

    • HEALTHY BUILDINGS: Creating a safe physical space for students and staff while in the school building.

    • HEALTHY POLICIES: Building a culture of health, safety, and shared responsibility.

    • HEALTHY SCHEDULES: Ensuring students and staff can move safely to/from school and in between classrooms and school locations.

    • HEALTHY ACTIVITIES: Enjoying modified co/extra-curricular activities and athletic events with necessary modifications and preventative safety measures in place.

    IMPORTANT: The information in this document continues to evolve in accordance with ongoing updates and guidelines from local and state health officials. Please check back periodically for the most updated information. 
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    As the first day of school quickly approaches, many families have questions on school start/end times, what virtual learning will look like, and how this will affect families when parents have to work. One immediate clarification is in regards to the option of self-paced virtual learning. Schools will work with families whose schedules make live instruction challenging. Families will have access to instructional resources to be used in a self-directed manner and students can still keep pace with their classroom peers for assignments and assessment deadlines.

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