MHS Student Live Virtual Schedule

  • The following information was sent to MHS families on November 23, 2020

    mhs virtual live schedule november 30-january 15  mhs maroon and white schedule

    Beginning on November 30 students will be attending virtual live learning sessions with their teachers following the schedules above. No students will be in the building at this time.

    Attendance Expectations

    • Attend live learning sessions in their entirety at scheduled times with teachers and other MHS students during the traditional school day.
      • Students must be visible on camera and engaged during class time. Remember your school day is from 8:00 am - 2:30 pm for regular classes and there is an extension until 3:20 (the RTI period) to get extra help.
      • If a teacher requests that a student attend an RTI session, it is required.
    • Arrive to class on time and dress appropriately as if you were physically in school.

    Virtual Live Expectations for Students

    • Understand that the requirements for Virtual Learning Live are just like regular school.
    • Complete additional independent work, submit assignments, and complete assessments on specified due dates. Grades and credit are awarded in the same way as a live in-person class.
    • Utilize the Canvas Learning Management System to facilitate communications, instruction, assignments, and assessments.
    • Check your school email multiple times per day!
    • Be available during the RTI block daily. Your teachers will reach out to you to provide additional instruction. This is also a great time to complete work or request additional help if you need it. Your teachers also have office hours before and after school. Do not hesitate to reach out to them if you need anything.
    • If you intend on continuing to be a virtual live student during the second semester you must be passing at least 5 of your classes and have at least an 80% attendance rate.

    Teacher Office Hours and Availability

    • Teachers will be available to students during the daily Office Hours (7:40a-8:00a and 2:30p-3:20p).
    • Teachers will respond to student/parent emails or phone calls in a timely manner. They will in most cases respond to email within 1 school day; phone calls should be returned within 2 school days.

    End of Semester Details

    • Students will be completing projects or taking final exams the week of December 14-18.
    • Finish the semester strong by attending all your classes and completing the work.
    • Your final grade will be a combination of terms 1,2, and 3 as well as your final exam.

    2nd Semester Plans - January 19

    mhs learning options and schedule for second semester

    Sick and Covid
    If any of our students test positive for COVID during this time of virtual learning, we still ask for parents and guardians to please report these cases to us. We send these statistics to the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) which they publish weekly on the ISHDH COVID School Dashboard. No identifiable, personal information is shared with the state, just the number of cases. We are also reporting this data daily on the

    Food Service
    The SCM Food Service Department will continue to serve meals for our virtual students daily at John Young Middle School between the hours of 11:00 am and 12:15pm.

    Mishawaka High School will remain the same, serving multiple meals on Monday and Thursday evening between the hours of 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm for those students who are unable to take advantage of the daily pickup.

    WIFI Access
    School City of Mishawaka will sponsor twelve months of internet access to families that receive free or reduced lunch through the national school lunch program at no cost to the family. Remember families must renew their free or reduced paperwork each academic year. Families can check for eligibility at and contact their Dean to request a promo code to begin the sponsored service. Email or call your Dean to get your code and instructions for getting started.

    Tech Support
    If you need technology support you can call 254-7795 between the hours of 8-3.

    Students and Families Who Are Struggling
    Any family or student who is in need of social emotional support, please reach out to your school principal, assistant principal, dean or guidance counselor. All secondary staff will continue to report to their buildings during this time period and will be available during the school day to assist with problems. For after hours help, a listing of community resources, ranging from suicide prevention and mental health resources to dealing with COVID anxiety and stress, are on our website at this link:

    Elkhart Area Career Center Details
    The Elkhart Area Career Center will move to all virtual starting on November 30 - January 15. There is an exception, Cosmetology-2 students will continue to follow the EACC hybrid model from the first semester.

    Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!