Welcome to Mishawaka Schools

  • female student as a lawyer - tomorrow's leaders are found here
    We see leaders everywhere. In every neighborhood and town. And, we’re committed to growing new leaders with project based learning, award winning arts, sciences, a focus on safety and small class sizes.

    It’s why we are focused on things that matter to you. It's why tomorrow's leaders are found here.

    KNOWLEDGE...School City of Mishawaka (SCM) is creating an environment that prepares students for a prosperous future, starting as early as preschool. at SCM, students are in an environment where they are known by name as well as afforded many opportunities for academic, extracurricular, and athletic involvement outside of the classroom.

    • Effective, Caring and Innovative Teachers
      Highly qualified and motived SCM staff teach our students in safe and positive environments while preparing them for lifelong learning.
    • High Achievement Programs
      We have outstanding High Ability programs at every level.
    • Programs for Struggling Learners
      We offer extraordinary programs to helps students who need help and/or enrichment with many areas of instruction and numerous opportunities plus support for students at every level.
    • Special Needs Programs
      From students with special gifts and talents to those exceptional students who have special needs, our instructional team promotes success for all students.
    • Extracurricular Activities
      Athletics and extracurricular clubs and activities are plentiful at all grade levels. In grades 3 through 6, students can participate in governance through participation in student council.

    CHARACTER...It takes an entire community to change the life of a child. From the support staff, administrators, teachers, parents, and our active community partners, students at SCM are given a feeling of a family-friendly environment.

    • Safe Learning Environment
      Committed to safety using time-tested national guidance, including a positive school climate and establishing relationships of trust, respect, and open communication among students, staff, and community partners.
    • Parental Support
      PTA, Field Trips, Volunteer in Classrooms, All Pro Dads.
    • Family-Centered Environment
    • Open Communication
      Through various means of communication, SCM continually recognizes student achievements and school successes.
    • Active Community Partners
      Mishawaka Education Foundation, Mishawaka Education Association, PTA Council, City of Mishawaka, United Way of St. Joseph County, Saint Joseph Healthy Systems, Lions Club, Jordan Ford, among others.

    SKILLS...To ensure all of our students can excel in a dynamic and evolving world, SCM is progressing our staff's expertise and advancing technology offerings along with instilling a culture of trust in the community.

    • Highly Qualified and Motivated Staff
      Ongoing Professional Development.
    • Latest Technology Tools
      We provide access to technology tools including computers/tablets, digital media, information systems, and learning applications for students at all levels.
    • The Mishawaka Way
      The Mishawaka Way provides our colleagues and our community with an understanding of how we work at School City of Mishawaka, why our work is life-changing, and how we will go about accomplishing the important goals entrusted to us. Learn more about The Mishawaka Way.

    These are just a few of the reasons why you should pick Mishawaka Schools. But there are more. Come see for yourself.

    If you’re interested in enrolling, contact us for a tour and experience all we have to offer at School City of Mishawaka.