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    Every week, red sheets are written with any and all missing work. If a student is missing any assignment, quiz, or lab, they will receive a red sheet on Friday. On these sheets, it explains our missing work room we have every Monday. These sheets are our effort to have contact with not only the student, but with the parent/guardian about their missing work as grades are not always immediately uploaded in Alma. Please get into the habit of asking your student if they received a red sheet on Fridays and double check in Google Classroom and Alma for missing assignments. We are having an issue with students having poor communication with their parents on this matter.

    If your child receives a red sheet, please sign the form that you did, in fact, see it. Students need to turn this slip in on Monday. Students know that because they have this slip, they are required to attend Mondays after school until 4:00 unless you make contact with us that they cannot. We have stressed this point for five weeks now. Bottom line: if your child receives a red slip, they are required to stay after school Monday.

    Comments (-1)