Dress Code Rules

    1. Leggings and Yoga pants can be worn if a top covers the rear
    2. No holes in pants; material covering the skin under the holes is not acceptable
    3. No hats
    4. No bandanas
    5. No visible bra straps
    6. No sagging pants (no visible undergarments)
    7. No belly shirts
    8. Piercings: earrings and one small nose stud are allowed; gauges and piercings on any other part of the body are not allowed.
    9. Hair serving as a distraction to the educational process is not allowed
    10. Shorts, dresses, and skirts have to be finger-tip length
    11. No pajamas or slippers
    12. No muscle shirts or tank tops (shirt needs to cover all of the shoulder and no slits down the side of the shirt)
    13. No clothing which advertises drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, contains vulgar or profane language, or is sexually suggestive


    • First Offense: verbal warning, change of clothes, documentation on referral
    • Second Offense: call home, second step on referral
    • Third Offense: call home, third step on referral
    • Fourth Offense: written referral, detention (call home)
    • Fifth Offense: written referral, 2+ detentions (call home)
    • Sixth Offense: written referral, ISS
    • Additional violations may result in In School Suspended days