JYMS Schedule Beginning April 12, 2021


    Beginning April 12, 2021, John Young Middle School and Mishawaka High School will be back to 5 days a week of in-person instruction. Those students that selected live virtual learning will remain as live virtual students.

    in-person instruction schedule

    Virtual learning starts at 8:30 AM, unless first period teachers offer live virtual learning to which students would be asked to join at 8:05 AM, and ends at 2:35 PM daily, unless a teacher requests a student for RTI until 3:15 PM. There will no longer be 100% self-paced classes; however, some classes may include portions of the instruction that are self-directed. Some teachers may allow students to watch class virtually on in-person days, and some teachers may require virtual learners to attend the class virtually (this varies depending on the class). Teachers may assign students an RTI time or students may request a meeting with a teacher to help or answer questions during RTI time.

    All students and staff are expected to conduct at-home, self-screening/monitoring for COVID-19 related symptoms prior to leaving their residence on a daily basis. Any student who is experiencing symptoms common with COVID-19 should not report to school rather notify the PSO office at (574) 254-3601. Additionally, we ask that parents/guardians notify us any time their student test positive for COVID-19, regardless if s/he is attending in-person or 100% virtually.

    To accommodate both grade levels in-person safely, we have reviewed our procedures and made some adjustments. The most notable change will be an additional lunch location to keep social distancing in place while students eat. The good news is many of our safety procedures will remain the same and students are already familiar with our expectations. #1 being our students need to wear a mask properly over their nose and mouth during the school day with the exception of while they are eating or drinking. You can help by making sure your child has a mask for school each day and reinforce that our ability to remain in-person relies on their compliance with this necessary safety measure. Please review other important procedures below:


    • 7:45 AM Doors open
      • 7th Grade Drop off will be at the front of the building on Main Street.
      • 8th Grade Drop off will be in the back of the building of Liberty Street.
      • Students will enter the building at the door of their assigned hallway.

    • 7:45 AM - 8:00 AM:
      • AM Students arrive, “Grab” breakfast (if desired), and “Go” to their 1st block class and assigned seat. There will be no congregating anywhere in the building prior to going to class and breakfast will be served until 8:00 AM daily.

    • 8:05 AM:
      • Block 1 begins/Tardy bell rings


    • JYMS will utilize specific COVID-19/social distance decals on the floor/walls to encourage physical distancing and indicate direction of travel while in hallways and other communal areas. High traffic hallways will be designated as one-way.
    • Due to short travel on hallways, passing periods will be reduced to two minutes. 
    • Usage of restrooms will be monitored closely before and after school with the general expectation that students should use the restroom prior to leaving home to avoid congregation in restrooms during high-traffic times of the day.
    • All students will be allowed to carry a backpack with them throughout the day in order to have all necessary supplies. Lockers will not be utilized. 


    • 2:35 PM:
      • JYMS School day ends. Students are to exit the building at the nearest exterior door from their last block class.
      • Parents are encouraged to remain in their vehicles during drop-off and pick-up times. If parents do need to get out of their vehicles during these high-volume periods of time, they will be required to wear a mask/facial covering when on school property.  
      • Pick-up will be at the same location as drop off (7th in the front off of Main Street & 8th in the back off Liberty Street). Please leave room for the buses in the back off Liberty Street and do not block the circle near “B” door in the front of Main Street that is used for our exceptional learning bus.

    Student athletes will have study tables in the cafeteria or library on in-person instruction days at 2:35 PM - 3:15 PM. Students must maintain a minimum of 3 feet distance from each other, face the same direction, and have masks on the entire time.

    Students who attend JYMS and MHS are able to ride Transpo school tripper buses as well as the Transpo fixed routes for FREE on all operational days and times without limitations on weekends, evenings, and holidays by showing their valid student ID card. Students will no longer need to purchase a Transpo bus pass to ride, for a savings of approximately $30.00 per month.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact a member of the JYMS administration: