Homework Help


    Following is a listing of helpful resources:

    • Homework Hotline:
      1-800-ASK ROSE (1-877-275-7673 / Toll Free!)
      Math and Science Help for grades 6 – 12
      Sunday – Thursday 7 PM – 10 PM
      Provided by Rose Hulman Institute of Technology - www.AskRose.org

    • Learn More Indiana
      www.learnmoreindiana.org (OR) 1 800-992-2076
      Provides parents with information that will help support your child’s learning, ie…study skills, homework help, 21st Century Scholarship opportunity, college, career, and more… 

    Homework is Whose Work?
    Teachers assign homework and middle graders are supposed to do it. So where do parents fit in? Too much help makes your child dependent. Too little means it might not get done. The trick is to find a balance--and these tips can show you how.

    Schedule Homework
    A daily routine helps your middle grader develop good "homework habits." To avoid a constant battle, sit down with your child and agree on a set study time. No homework? Expect some learning activity to take place during this period. Examples: Review class notes, do research for an upcoming project, or read a good book.

    Respect Homework Styles
    Help your middle grader find a way to study that works for him/her. Does s/he focus better alone or around others? With papers, books and Cub Book spread out on the bed or sitting at the kitchen table? You might even offer, "As long as you're doing well with your assignments, you decide how it gets done."

    Homework Helpers
    When your middle grader asks for help, listen and ask questions. Don't worry about having the answers--that's your child's job. Instead, suggest ways your child can look for the answers. Some good places to start? Google Classroom, class notes, sample exercises in the chapter, the table of contents in the front of the book or the index in the back.