Organizational Skills

  • With more teachers, more classes, more homework, more friends and more activities, middle school students need to develop good time management and organizational skills. When students are organized they get better grades, they are less frustrated and nicer to be around. They have more time to be with family and friends. Organization is an area in which parents can help.

    Make sure that your child has a folder, binder or notebook that is clearly labeled for each class. Set up a file at home for returned papers, quizzes and tests. Check Google Classroom and Alma regularly. This way grades will not be a surprise after nine weeks. Remind your child to put all of her papers in the appropriate folder or binder. Loose papers should not be stuck inside books or stuffed into backpacks.

    Have your child clean out her backpack at least once a week and encourage her to keep her locker neat and organized. Help your child learn how to organize and prioritize homework, chores and other activities. Break large assignments and projects down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Large assignments often seem overwhelming and too frustrating to start. Sometimes students need help figuring out where to begin.

    Have your child get things ready for the following day before bedtime. Put the things that go to school in the same place where your child will see them before leaving in the morning and make sure their Cub Book is charged. Good routines will help your child stay organized, this year and in the future.