Test for Activity Bus Drivers

  • The State of Indiana requires that training be in place for all Special Purpose Bus Drivers. The training focuses on five separate areas: 

    1. Railroad Crossings
    2. Signs and Mirrors
    3. Emergency Exit Blocking
    4. Post and Pre Trip - emphasis on stock check
    5. Speed Limits, Knife Possession, and Smoking

    In each training segment the specific law for that topic will be presented, to be followed by a process or procedure to help accomplish the tasks appropriate to that topic. You will then be given a number of best practices as an enhancement to the safety of each topic, followed by a section of other issues related to the topic. Finally there will be a short quiz (5 questions per area) to be used as a measure of completing the training.

    The purpose of the information being presented in these training segments is to provide you, the driver of a special purpose bus, with the knowledge to enhance your ability to transport students, and other passengers, in the safest manner possible.

    Throughout the course of this training you will be given laws, facts, procedures, processes, methods, and suggestions on how to be the safest special purpose driver possible within the limits of this training. All of this information is not a substitute for the most important safety precaution on that vehicle, you the driver. The attitude and care you bring to bear as you approach the tasks required of a special purpose bus driver will be the single most important determiner for a safe trip.

    Please contact Ken Kahlenbeck at kahlenbeckk@mishawaka.k12.in.us or 574-254-4552 for more information.

    To take the test go to https://moodle.doe.in.gov/login/index.php. You will need to create an account and use the enrollment key activity.