Learning By Design: The Mishawaka Way

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    A comprehensive framework of continuous learning that is intentional and systemic.


    • Curriculum Development and Alignment
      Educational programming is purposefully organized across classrooms, grade levels, and schools to prepare Mishawaka Students to be college, career, and citizenship ready.
      • Create curriculum maps and pacing guides focused on priority standards.
      • Develop horizontal and vertical alignment collaborative teams.
      • Monitor student progress.

    • Instructional Alignment and Power Standards
      Educators use common, evidence based instructional practices.
      • Identify and prioritize evidence based instructional practices through the work of the PLCs.
      • Facilitate professional learning on identified practices through the work of PLCs.
      • Implement identified practices with supportive feedback PLCs and Instructional Leadership Teams.

    • Continuous Improvement/School Improvement
      Integrated framework collectively focused on continuous systemic improvement.
      • Design a continuous improvement system with supports.
      • Develop improvement plans with key objectives (organizational, departments, services, schools).
      • Use consistent data protocols to measure progress toward achievement of key results.

    • Alignment of Administrator and Teacher Evaluation Plans Based on Continuous Improvement System
      Collective impact of curriculum and instructional alignment is monitored routinely.
      • Train educators and administrators in use of teacher evaluation tool.
      • Create "look-fors" tools specific to curriculum and instructional alignment.
      • Utilize tools for frequent feedback cycle.

    • Federal and State Accountability Plan
      Adherence to the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) and Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) accountability measures.
      • Communicate current requirements and expectations to all stakeholders.
      • Identify and monitor predictive metrics.
      • Refine organizational practices.

    • SCM 5-Star Accountability Plan
      Recognition of Mishawaka Schools who have achieved a formal distinction in all 5-Star areas of Culture of Excellence.
      • Collaboratively design the highest expectations for exemplary schools and inform all stakeholders.
      • Develop metrics and evaluation systems for each quality indicator.
      • Progress monitor via the continuous improvement cycle.