• Welcome to LaSalle Elementary School! 


    We are focused on building a strong foundation both at school and at home. Here at LaSalle we follow ROARS - Respectful, On Time, Always Kind, Responsible, Safe.  This year we have implemented Morning Meetings, where every student starts their day on the right foot. We have also adopted the Zones of Regulation to support our students’ Social and Emotional Learning. We use this curriculum to give staff, students, and even our families at home the best way to solve a problem.
    Our Staff at LaSalle is committed to getting better everyday. Each day our staff bring great effort and enthusiasm to model the best way to approach learning and growing. Here at LaSalle, our mission goes further than academics, we strive to create a safe, welcoming environment for all students. 

    Thank you for visiting our LaSalle School page and please stop by and see us!