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H. B. Benjamin Scholarship Fund

The Board accepted a most generous donation from the estate of Jack and Helen Benjamin on March 28, 2017. Jack and Helen were both Mishawaka High School graduates. After Jack retired from the Air Force, they returned to Mishawaka. They loved children but were never blessed with children of their own and wanted to make a difference. Mishawaka High School and the Mishawaka Res have been named as the beneficiaries of their estate. SCM’s share of the estate totals $378,480.35. Attorney Wyatt Mick handled the estate and he was on hand to tell the Benjamin’s story. Mrs. Pat Kelver was also at the meeting and she presented the check for the final distribution to Dr. Bruce Stahly on behalf her husband, who is the nephew of the Benjamins. The money will be used for scholarships for MHS students. This says a lot about the love and loyalty of the Mishawaka community.