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MHS Alumni talk about careers in STEM fields

Rose Roberts (2008 MHS graduate) and Holly Roberts (2011 MHS graduate) came to MHS to talk with students about careers in the STEM field (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Rose graduated from Purdue in 2012 with a degree in chemical engineering and is now a grad student in materials engineering at Virginia Tech. She has one journal publication and one pending. Holly will be graduating in May, 2017 from Indiana University with a degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. She is currently applying for M.S. programs in molecular genetics and she has one publication pending.

They shared with the students that anyone can be in STEM. Rose talked about what is engineering, types of engineering, showed a case study of Navy Ships, and what is right for you: design, implementation, or improvement/research. Holly discussed biology and focused on what is right for you: math and logical thinking or creative thinking. Opportunities for STEM careers is advancing and they wanted to show the students how they can find what is right for them.

Both Rose and Holly agreed that taking honors and AP classes at MHS helped prepare them for college. They advised the students to grow a relationship with their professors because they can give you very valuable advice. Rose said she entered college not really appreciating what a career in STEM truly meant and wanted to help give students a better idea of how rich and varied the STEM field is, and to encourage them to pursue their interests in what is usually regarded as a difficult field of study.

Thank you to Rose and Holly for spending time with our MHS and students and to Mrs. Amy Foley for coordinating this event.

STEM talk at MHS

STEM talk at MHS     STEM talk at MHS