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JYMS Students Qualify for State Competition

JYMS Regional History Day Winners John Young Middle School had 37 students compete at the Regional National History Day Competition on St. Mary's campus on February 25, 2017. JYMS had 24 students, a total of 19 projects, qualify for the History Day State Competition that will be held in Indinapolis on May 6, 2017.

Great job by all students and a special thank you to teachers Stacy Residorf and Brian Zbrzezny for your dedication and inspiration to the students and this great event.

Below are the projects moving on to the state competition:

Junior Papers:
Yamin Brahim: Mandela's Fight for Equality in South Africa
Tyler Ackerley: Jackie Robinson and His Role in Civil Rights
Charles D'Amico: Nikola Tesla and the War of Currents

Junior Individual Websites:
Brock Bolinger: Mahatma Gandhi Taking A Stand Against the British in The Salt March
Bo Basker: A New Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev

Junior Individual Documentary:
Emma Taff: The Stonewall Uprising, a Launchpad for Gay Rights
Joaquin DeVries: Misremembering the Alamo

Junior Individual Performance:
Grace Zerbel: Jane Addams: Pushing for Peace
Cora Kazmierzak: The Great Space Race

Junior Individual Exhibit:
Braxton Banks: Frank Ono: The King of the Hill
Mark Crooks: Martin Luther and His Stand Against The Roman Catholic Church
Troy Crooks: Robert Kennedy and His Stand for Civil Rights
Kylie Blake: Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee Taking a Stand in History
Rachel Williams: Claudette Colvin and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Junior Group Website:
Kaitlyn Ankeney and Allison Gordon: Dorothy Height: The Unknown Activist

Junior Group Documentary:
Isaac Hayes and Connor Addison: Jesse Owens and Taking A Stand Against Racial Injustice

Junior Group Performance:
Madelyn White and Elizabeth Ball: A Forever Fix

Junior Group Exhibit:
Hunter Flick and Ben Pamachena: Mohandas Gandhi "The Great Souled One"
Sarah Beshara and Kaatje Chesson: Dr. Mae Jemison The Stars Are The Limit