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The Hums robotics team, Team With No Name, has been invited to the World Championships based on their skills score at the State Championship. The Team With No Name is made up of three 6th graders who were previously in VEX. The team received their best driving and programming score of the year at the State competition in Indianapolis. They got a total of 70 points, which is 61st in the state, 299th in the US, and 520th in the world for elementary.
Hums also had another highly successful robotics team, the Dread Cows. This team consists of all 5th graders, and it is the first year for all of them. Their skills score of 62 ranks 80th in the state, 395th in the US, and 714th in the world for elementary, and they were just 5 points away from also qualifying for the World Championship. These two teams were the winning alliance at our VEX IQ League. We look forward to seeing this team return next year.   
We are incredibly proud of all of our elementary robotics teams. We are appreciative of their coach, Mr. Ryan Mitchell, and we wish them the best at the World Championships. Mr. Mitchell is not only a PLTW teacher and VEX coach, but he is also our elementary academic competitions coordinator. Mr. Mitchell first brought VEX robotics to SCM five years ago with a dream that all of our elementary schools would be able to offer VEX robotics as an extracurricular activity and that School City of Mishawaka would be the host for VEX robotics tournaments in Northern Indiana. In five short years he has worked hard collaboratively to make this dream come true. We first hosted a one day tournament in the winter of 2020, and thanks to Ryan’s leadership we were able to expand that to creating league competitions and several tournaments, including state qualifying tournament opportunities. We are grateful for his visionary leadership and the opportunities we can offer for SCM students through our elementary robotics program.
The World Championships are in Dallas, Texas on May 10-12, 2022. This a week long event with a lot of expenses. If you would like to support the Team With No Name, you can make donations on their GoFundMe page: