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VEX Robotics Mishawaka League Final Competition

The Elementary VEX Robotics Mishawaka League had their final competition last night (February 22, 2022) at Hums Elementary School. The Mishawaka League has teams from all of our elementary schools along with Elm Road Elementary School (PHM school), Kennedy Academy and Marquette Montessori Academy (both South Bend schools). Teams work in an alliance with the 1st and 2nd Place teams qualifying for the State Championship at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on March 12.


  1. The Team With No Name (Hums) and Dread Cows (Hums) – 50 points (state qualifiers)
  2. Elm Eaglebots and Elm Eaglebots II – 42 points (won tiebreaker)
  3. Emmons Eagles and Kennedy Explorers – 42 points
  4. We OK (Battell) and Sektti Noodlez (Hums) – 30 points
  5. Gear Girls (Hums) and Kennedy Explorers – 29 points
  6. Battell Bobcats and Kennedy Explorers – 16 points (won tiebreaker)
  7. Beiger Bots and Marguette Dragons – 16 points
  8. Liberty Elementary and Marquette Dragons - 15 points
  9. Logistics with Lions (LaSalle) and Twin Branch Tigers - 4 points