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2021 Teachers of the Year

Congratulations to our 2021 Teachers of the Year!

Robyn Futa

3rd Grade Teacher at Beiger Elementary School

"Robyn shows boundless energy with her students and their learning environment. Respect is shown and received, her compassion to each student shines brightly through her classroom. We are very fortunate to have her in our school corporation and I know Robyn deserves this award."


Kaleb Chamberlin
Band Director at Mishawaka High School & John Young Middle School

"Day in and day out, Kaleb makes the students that are in band feel special. He is able to make every child feel like they are the most important student in the classroom. He allows children to be seen, to feel like they have a place they belong, and to feel wanted. Somehow, in the midst of the pandemic, he was able to do marching band, pep band, band at the high school, band at the middle school, all while virtual and in-person. Kaleb, even if he is having a difficult time, or struggling with the realities of the school year, never allows that to impact the students that need him. Many students don't feel that they have a fit in the school except for band. It is the most inclusive classroom there is. Kaleb makes band fun, he makes it exciting, he keeps the students engaged. I cannot imagine teaching hundreds of students in one class both virtually and in-person. While doing this, he is able to still get them all laughing, having fun, and knowing that they have him that believes in them. He knows his students, which I am not sure how that is possible, with the many different classes at the two schools, but he does. He is passionate about keeping band and music in students' lives, finding the good for everyone. He's a blessing to the students and community of Mishawaka. "