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Preschool Students Learn From Community Helpers

Growing Together Preschool

Each year, community partners and preschool student family members spend time with the students learning about their professions. This is one of the highlights of the school year. 

Dental Hygentist photo DENTAL HYGENIST
Karen is a Dental Hygienist that came to visit us from Dr. O’Neil’s Children’s Dentistry. She taught us the proper way to brush our teeth, how to floss with the help of an adult, and the best kind of foods that we can eat for our teeth. She left us each with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and a chart to use at home to keep track of brushing 2x a day!





Orthopedic Technician image ORTHOPEDIC TECHNICIAN
One of our preschool parents is an Orthopedic Technician. He brought in several different types of braces and showed us how they are made. The students learned that kids just like them sometimes have to wear these. We were able to hold several different models and even try some on!



Banker image BANKER
We had a preschool parent visit us from First Source Bank. She told us all about her job as a banker. Each student received a mini piggy bank and was encouraged to start saving money for the future. After returning to class, students created their own money!



Nurse image NURSE
We had a preschool grandparent come in and tell us about her job as a nurse. She showed us the proper way to hand wash and all the times throughout the day that we need to remember to wash! She also showed us how to listen to a heartbeat by using a Dixie cup with a hole in it.



Firefighter image FIREFIGHTER
Firefighter Hurtt came to visit us from the Fire Station. He put on all of his gear and taught us not to be scared. We practiced rolling on the floor in case we were to ever catch on fire. Many of our friends want to be a firefighter just like him when they grow up!




Construction image CONSTRUCTION
Check out our new hard hats! Our favorite construction workers came to visit the preschool and share with us about their job. We were able to explore all of their tools and learn about the many different things they do.



Police image POLICE
We wrapped up our Community Helpers Unit with a visit from our very own resource officer, Officer DeVreese! His job is to keep us all safe. Officer DeVreese brought us coloring books and badges. He even took us out and showed us his police car!

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