Reserving Bus

  • WHEN YOU ARE PLANNING A FIELD TRIP, please contact the Transportation Department at to reserve the bus(es). This is especially important when planning functions that are open to all schools and/or school systems at the same time, events occurring in December and at the end the school year.

    After you have reserved a bus, you will need to complete the Memorandum of Field/Study Trip - Request for Transportation. It is important that you complete the entire form from top to bottom; incomplete forms will be returned to your School Principal and the Director of Operations before the drivers are assigned. Forms should be received in the Transportation Office no later than two weeks before the scheduled trip.

    After the form is received in the Transportation Department, a Driver will be assigned and copies will be returned to your building for confirmation. If you need to cancel a field trip, it must be done at least 24 hours in advanced or you will be charged two (2) driving hours. Exceptions are weather or other natural occurrences.