MHS Traffic Safety Plan

  • School City of Mishawaka (SCM) Administration and contracted engineers of Abonmarche have continued to work diligently through dialogue and working sessions for the Mishawaka High School Traffic Safety Plan. Throughout the planning process, Abonmarche has worked closely with the City of Mishawaka Engineering and Planning Department to make certain that any plan will meet the goals and objectives from the city’s perspective. 

    Though there are several phases that will eventually evolve within the master plan, the number one priority, Phase One, is to enhance the safety of our students and staff who drive to the campus, get dropped off or walk to MHS. In addition to the overall safety, the goal is to improve traffic patterns and flow, and reduce cars from “stacking” and double parking on drop-off/pick-ups. Another component of Phase One is the design and completion of the MHS west entrance secured vestibule. Over the course of the past several weeks, SCM Administration has received several conceptual renderings that address the priorities mentioned above and has collectively agreed upon one that would fulfill the goals and objectives of SCM and the City of Mishawaka and one that we felt confident to bring forward to the SCM Board of School Trustees for review and approval consideration. If Phase One planning has School Board support, a recommendation for approval with updated cost estimates will be presented as a future School Board meeting.

    Below is a 3D rendering of the PROPOSED Phase One design or you can view the presentation Abonmarche presented to at a neighborhood meeting held at Mishawaka High School on June 27, 2019.

    mhs phase one presentation button