The Mishawaka Education Foundation (MEF) is committed to providing School City of Mishawaka educators and students with sustainable funding required to achieve extraordinary educational opportunities.

    The Mishawaka Education Foundation is a non-profit foundation that supports the staff and students of the Mishawaka public schools. We have served to bridge the gap in unpredictable and insufficient education funding from our state government. The K-12 Foundation for School City of Mishawaka provides funding for opportunities that are innovative and creative opportunities for our children's education and their future with an extraordinary education.

    Founded in 1994, the Foundation has forged partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and individuals to raise funds for school projects or activities identified by school staff and administrators. Whether it’s financial assistance (tax deductible) gifts, or donations of time and effort, you can help the K-12 Foundation and the Mishawaka Education Foundation build a better future for the youth in our community.