• Alma Logo We are using Alma, a software system that will help us to better manage school, classroom, and student information. Alma is a secure, easy-to-use online system that brings important school information and tools together in one place. We expect this to save school leaders and teachers time and make it easier for everyone to get a more complete view of what's happening with each student's learning.

    Alma offers a parent and student portal to help families stay informed and on track with student learning. The portal provides access to: school calendar, staff directory, class rosters, attendance history, assignments, and grades. You can also email teachers and school staff directly through Alma.

    For more information about Alma, feel free to visit their website at Please direct any questions to the Technology Department at 574-254-4551 or via email.

    PLEASE NOTE: You have been assigned a single username and password as your login. If you have children in different buildings, you will need to log into each building separately using your assigned username and password. For example, if you have a child in elementary, one in middle, and one in high school, you will need to login into each school individually. Click your child's school below for the login screen.

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Alma FAQs

  • Click the icon below to view Frequently Asked Questions.

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