Mock Trial

  • The purpose of the Indiana Mock Trial program is to stimulate and encourage a deeper understanding and appreciation of the American legal system. The program provides the opportunity for students to learn the judicial system through a hands-on experience. Through mock trials, students gain an understanding of society’s approach to dispute resolution and justice through an experiential learning opportunity. The education of young people is the primary goal of the mock trial program. The students acquire skills in critical thinking and reasoning, oral advocacy, team work and citizenship. Other important objectives include: promoting effective communication and cooperation between the educational and legal communities; providing an opportunity to compete in an academic setting; and promoting cooperation among young people of diverse interests and abilities. The program also affords members of the Indiana Bar to hone their litigation skills through coaching or judging teams in the competition.

    The Indiana Mock Trial program offers students the opportunity to conduct a trial based on a hypothetical case. The students are provided with case materials and are asked to develop their own strategies. The students play the roles of attorneys and witnesses as they try their cases in a competition, judged by real attorneys and judges. In the competition, each team presents both sides of the case.

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