Quiz Bowl

  • indiana quiz bowl logo Quiz Bowl is a team quiz competition covering general knowledge of all disciplines. Questions are read aloud and the first person to buzz in has the chance to guess the answer. Any wrong answers give the opposing team a chance to answer. The match consists of 4 rounds: the first round is a toss-up round, the second round is a bonus round where toss-up questions can lead to a bonus category, the third round is a 60 second round where you have 60 seconds to answer 10 questions from a given category, the last round is a stump the experts round where toss-up questions get more difficult. Teams can play up to four people in each round and there is a Junior Varsity and Varsity division.

    Sponsor: Mr. Steinkellner (Rm# 237 MHS phone 254-7300 ext. 7313)

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