Grant Request Guidelines

  • The Mishawaka Education Foundation (MEF) is committed to providing SCM educators and students with sustainable funding required to achieve extraordinary educational opportunities. The total amount of funds available for a given year will depend on the success of the MEF’s fundraising and investments. 

    MEF funds will be awarded for special grants that enrich student academic achievement. Requests may be submitted for individual classroom projects or for collaborative projects that involve multiple classrooms, grade levels or schools corporation-wide.

Directions for Application

    1. Review ALL request guidelines before beginning the application.
    2. Complete the Request Application. A signed electronic copy of the Application must be received by the MEF ( at least 72 hours prior to the need.
    3. The Application must be submitted electronically and have clearly defined goals and objectives.
    4. The Application should be written to be understood by non-educators.
    5. The Application should target SCM students and demonstrate creativity and innovation in educational programming or a corporation-wide need.
    6. The Grant Applicant should NOT request funds for teacher stipends, salaries, substitute pay, student or adult lodging or food, scholarships, furniture, party supplies, telephone expenses, conferences, or travel (including bus transportation).
    7. Applicants are strongly encouraged to explore supplemental funding and partnerships.
    8. Repeat grants are strongly discouraged, but it will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    9. Technology items need to be approved by SCM Tech Department and noted on application.
    10. After discussion, the signature of the principal(s) on the grant application signifies that there is no funding available in the regular school funds.

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    Special Grant Request Application

Fine Arts Grant

  • The Mishawaka Education Foundation is the beneficiary of a St. Joseph County Community Foundation endowment fund that has been established and funded by the Mishawaka Lions Club. With a current balance of $135,095.34 this fund now generates $6,463.00 in annual income, all of which is used to supplement visual and musical arts education in the Mishawaka schools. This partnership between the Mishawaka Education Foundation and the Mishawaka Lions Club is an excellent example of how organizations and businesses can work together to promote Mishawaka schools and enrich the life of the Mishawaka community.

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Recipient Procedures

    1. Implement the request as proposed in the application.
    2. Follow SCM Central Office purchase order procedures for all expenditures.
    3. Maintain on-going contact with a designated liaison/member of the MEF Board. Contact liaison when implementing and when writing the Final Report.
    4. Submit a Final Report, which is due thirty days after the project is completed, but no later than June 1st of the school year in which the money was administered. This form can be found on the MEF Website.  Final Reports are to be submitted electronically to
    5. All purchases must be made after the money has been awarded. The MEF will not reimburse expenses incurred before the money is approved.
    6. Applicant promises to serve as a resource/mentor for future projects of a similar nature.
    7. Provide any photographs or finished products for Foundation use when requested.

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Grant Recipient Liaison Procedures

    1. As soon as Grant Recipients are notified (1 week after BOD meeting), please contact via email or phone your grant recipient to introduce yourself.
    2. Make an appointment to meet with them, present their plaque, and talk about their grant or go to a school staff meeting and present in front of their peers. When will it take place? Can you be present when it takes place? Etc.
    3. Ask them to take pictures of their grant activities while their grant is happening.
    4. Ask them to write a summary of their grant after the grant completion.  If necessary, you could meet with them after their grant is finished and help them write the summary (interview style). (They have a copy of final report form).
    5. Remind them that they will be asked to submit photos and information about the grant to the MEF eNewsletter editor, Deb Brechtel.
    6. Invite them to be guests at the Annual luncheon held on June 14, 2017.
    7. With any additional questions have recipients contact Jane Wright, MEF Executive Director, 574-532-1881 or
    8. Help them with the process of spending their money. Remind teachers to talk with Tracey Bolin (254-4542) at the Administrative Center to check on status of grant funds.
    9. If you receive a grant, the materials belong to the school. The school stamp should be placed on them.
    10. If you have any ordering issues contact your liaison.