Critical Thinking

  • SCM encourages students, teachers, parents, staff, and community members to think deeply about the daily practices of our school district and long term significance of a quality public education. Respectfully questioning the work of our peers, colleagues, leaders, or representatives is a sign of vigilance and concern. Critical thinking facilitates a high-performing workplace and, ultimately, a free society.

  • Alex Newman
    Chief Financial Officer & Director of Business
    Administration Center

    Amanda Hoke
    4th Grade Teacher
    Liberty Elementary School

  • Dawn Barber
    3rd Grade Teacher
    Battell Elementary School

    Liberty Virtual Teachers
    (Ashlee Cavanaugh – Kindergarten, Charity Guldburg – 1st Grade, Jill Snyder – 2nd Grade, Anne Aitchison – 3rd Grade, Melanie Bitner – 6th Grade, and Nicole Parish – 6th Grade)
    Liberty Elementary School

  • Each nominee is a great exemple of CRITICAL THINKING...
    We are looking forward to celebrating ALL of our SCM family on May 20, 2021 and finding out who will receive the Exemplar for Critical Thinking.